Vibes VIP Club

Click here to join the Vibes VIP Club and get 10% off your first order!

Feel free to use the link above or visit us in store! One of our staff members will be happy to assist you in signing up and you can begin earning Rewards right away!

Vibes wants to give back to you, supporting us! The best way we can do this is provide a rewards program, allowing you to earn points which can be redeemed for anything from complimentary accessories to product discounts, tour facilities, branded swag and so much more!

Cannabis is not yet legal in the entirety of the United States; because of this, we are unable to list our Cannabis Rewards app in Official App Stores. The link provided by Vibes Cannabis is shared through a URL sent via SMS (text message) upon becoming a member! You can save the URL link to your home-screen, giving you quick convenient access, without having to access the SMS message wallet link, each time!

Absolutely! We are here to make you happy by keeping you in the loop! You are more than welcome at any time to stop receiving SMS (text message) promotions by replying “STOP” to the latest message. This will stop messages until you decide you’d like to receive them again.

The best thing about the Vibes VIP Program is that there is no purchase necessary to earn points! 100 points will be given per visit. Points can then be redeemed on a tier-based system covering a wide range of products for everyone. Vibes Staff will ask if you are a member or redeeming points at check-out in-store, to ensure you are credited for the points upon visiting.

Have any further questions? Give us a call! 403.453.2023 – we’re always happy to help!